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Zellmer-Minnesota Orchestra Finalists - 2000

Taken after the Final Round. Nathan Zgonc was the winner.

My Office/Studio

Here's where all the magic happens.

Paul Murtha, Me, Harry Bagdasian & Old Guard actors.

Rehearsing scenes for SOA 2010 at the DC Armory.

SOA 2010, Grand Rapids, MI.

Me at my post back by the soundboard.

Dinner at the Original Primanti Bros.

Taken in Pittsburgh, PA on the road with SOA 2010.

Hombrew.... ahhh.

A pint of newly brewed ale.

James Kazik, Danny Helseth and Ul James

Taken after the premiere of my Euphonium Concerto.

Copywork at the Kennedy Center

My cubby back in the NSO library.

Presidential Trombones, ca. 2000

That's right, I'm the guy who made this photo.